10 Desserts from Around the World (Veganized!)
Everybody loves dessert! Check out these 10 sweets from around the world done vegan-style!

1. Pistachio Gelato

This Italian treat is sure to please!

2. Gajar Halwa

This Indian carrot pudding is as divine as it looks!

3. Maple Candy

So simple, yet so delicious!

4. Baklava

This Turkish dessert will melt in your mouth!

5. Apple Strudel

Yes, please! Get the recipe here.

6. Daifuku Mochi

A scrumptious sweet from Japan, this is a classic.

7. Flan

Take a trip to Spain with this creamy custard.

8. Mango with Coconut Sticky Rice

This special sweet from Thailand is as amazing as you think!

9. Bao Bing

This shaved ice dessert from Taiwan is decadent and easy to make!

10. Blueberry Yogurt Pierogi

Go on a Polish adventure with these sweet snacks!
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