12 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow If You Love Vegan Food
1. Minimalist Baker 

It doesn’t get much better than this. 
2. Vegan Vultures 

So good! 
3. Vegan Food Share 


4. Isa Chandra 

A total vegan badass. 

5. Vegan Richa

One of our favorite food bloggers! 
6. Jayce Lab 

Experimental, one-of-a-kind dishes. 
7. Pattycake Bakery 

This all-vegan bakery in Ohio makes some beautiful cakes! 
8. Vegan Food Spot

9. Let’s Cook Vegan

Some serious inspiration happening here. 
10. The Vegans Club 

Holy moly! 
11. Vegan Yack Attack

We’re in love! 
12. Vegan Fat Kid


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