8 Things Only Vegans Will Understand
#1. Excitement upon discovering a new vegan product, or hearing that your favorite restaurant has finally added a vegan option.

#2. The joy of discovering that the tofu recipe you decided to make at the last minute doesn’t require pressing.

#3. The satisfaction you feel after convincing your omnivorous relatives to eat vegan food.

#4. Hanging out with fellow vegans and having ridiculously long conversations about the best tempeh recipe.

#5. When you find out your favorite celebrity is vegan, feeling like you’re both part of a secret club.

#6. The triumph of spotting the vegetarian section on the menu.

#7. Marveling at the awesome, creative veg recipes that are expanding your palate! Baked Mango Sriracha Cauliflower Wings, anyone?

#8. The joyous feeling you get knowing that no one was hurt so you could have lunch, dinner, or any other meal.

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