8 Vines Literally Every Vegan Will Relate To
These vines sum up your life.

1. You actually get this excited for avocados! 

2. When you think you’ve accidentally eaten something that wasn’t vegan.

3. When someone dangles meat in your face. 

4. When you’re trying to impress someone with a delicious veg meal.  

5. When you roll up to your favorite vegan restaurant with your friends. 

6. When you watch Earthlings for the 100th time and act like you won’t cry. 

7. When you try to make homemade kale chips and set off the fire alarm. 

8. When you go to a family party and there’s vegan food for you. 

Can’t relate to these because you haven’t gone veg yet? Click here for more info on transitioning to a compassionate vegan diet.
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