9 Cows Who Understand The Struggle Of Being A Lazy Person
1. When the view from the top might be nice, but probably not.

Photo by staticflickr.com

2. When your bed is all the way in the other room so you just make do with what’s there.

Photo by TIME

3. When you’re already late for work but hit the snooze button anyway.

Photo by pixabay

4. When someone tries to talk to you about going to the gym.

Photo by projanmo.com

5. When your “exciting weekend plans” include sleeping all day.

Photo by geograph.org.uk

6. When your phone rings and it’s on the other side of the room.

Photo by staticflickr.com

7. When you’re so lazy, you can’t even order delivery.

Photo by imagefriend.com

8. When your friend cancels plans, and you’re secretly excited about the nap that now awaits.

Photo by flickr.com

9. When the sun is so bright in the morning that you can’t even deal.

Photo by The Huffington Post
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