These 10 Tweets Perfectly Sum Up Being the Only Vegan in Your Family
When it comes to being the only vegan in your family, these tweets bring the realness:

1. When you feed them “your” food and they love it!

2. When you show up to a family event and they promise food, but it’s salad. JUST SALAD!

3. Mom always said, “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.”

4. Okay, maybe we’re not ALL like this, but to our families we are…

5. Trickery is best.

6. When they know it’s good, but won’t admit it.

7. When your inner activist is unleashed.

8. Whole Foods is your savior.

9. Well, they did say to bring dessert…

10. There’s hope!

Although you may not see eye to eye on being vegan, they’re family and you love them. Click here for tips to achieving family harmony while staying cruelty-free!

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