What You Actually Gain When You Give Up Meat
Everyone focuses on what you lose, when you gain so much more.

A Kinder World

OK, so maybe this one’s a bit obvious. With over 8 billion farmed animals suffering at factory farms, there is no question that the best step you can take to help end animal cruelty is simply to leave animals off your plate. In fact, going vegan spares the lives of roughly 31 farmed animals each year.

What you might not have known is that eating vegan also spares the lives of countless wild animals and endangered species!

A Cleaner Planet

Animal agriculture produces more greenhouse gases than all forms of transportation in the world combined! And factory farms pollute waterways and destroy air quality, making eating vegan one of the best ways to protect our planet.

Improved Health

Study after study has shown that one of the best ways to improve your health is to adopt a balanced and bountiful vegan diet. Vegans have lower rates of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease—our nation's number one killer. Many people say that once they've gone vegan, their complexions improve, their hair gets shinier, and they lose unwanted pounds.

Some Amazing New Friends

Vegans are some of the most talented, intelligent, and compassionate people alive. They include such luminaries as Vice President Al Gore, famed singer Ariana Grande, and Academy Award-winning director James Cameron. Join a vegan meetup, go to a vegan potluck, or attend other veg events close to you and make new friends.

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