Nutritional Yeast Yes, we know the name is atrocious, but honestly, this nutty-flavored condiment is delicious! Use it for non-dairy cheese sauces and sprinkling over snacks. Find nutritional yeast in the bulk bins at your local natural grocer.
Tofu Tofu is a versatile meat and egg substitute made from soybeans that comes in a variety of styles. High in protein, low in fat, and a great addition to any healthy diet, find tofu in the refrigerated section of your favorite supermarket.
Tempeh (tem-pay) is similar to tofu with a heartier texture. It’s the perfect stand-in for meaty recipes. Tempeh can be found in the refrigerated section of any natural foods market.
Seitan (say-tan) is made from wheat and has an extremely meaty texture when cooked. Packed with protein, seitan can easily be used in place of beef or chicken. Look for seitan in the refrigerated section of your natural foods market or find recipes online to make it from scratch.